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Images Dated 2018

Choose from 20 pictures in our Images Dated 2018 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Two Typhoon FGR4 aircraft, flown by 29 (R) Squadron from RAF Coningsby Featured 2018 Image

Two Typhoon FGR4 aircraft, flown by 29 (R) Squadron from RAF Coningsby

Image of a Typhoon FGR4 aircraft, flown by 29 (R) Squadron from RAF Coningsby. Seen with the RAF 100 colours painted on its tail, to commemorate the Royal Air Force Centenary Celebrations.
The Typhoon FGR.Mk 4 is a highly capable and extremely agile fourth-generation multi-role combat aircraft, capable of being deployed for the full spectrum of air operations, including air policing, peace support and high-intensity conflict. Initially deployed in the air-to-air role as the Typhoon F.Mk 2, the aircraft now has a potent, precision multi-role capability as the FGR4. The pilot performs many essential functions through the aircrafts hands on throttle and stick (HOTAS) interface which, combined with an advanced cockpit and the Helmet Equipment Assembly (HEA), renders Typhoon superbly equipped for all aspects of air operations.
Although Typhoon has flown precision attack missions in all its combat deployments to date, its most essential role remains the provision of quick reaction alert (QRA) for UK and Falkland Islands airspace. Detachments have also reinforced NATO air defence in the Baltic and Black Sea regions

Royal Marines Teach USMC on their Over Snow Vehicle of Choice Featured 2018 Image

Royal Marines Teach USMC on their Over Snow Vehicle of Choice

Pictured are Viking Vehicles move through deep snow around Bardufoss exercise areas during Ex Cold Enabler 2018 in Norway.
Royal Marines from Bovington based Viking Squadron were training members of the USMC on the Viking All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) as part of Project ODIN. This project has seen members of 2nd Battalion 2nd Marines initially conducting driver training in the UK and then in Norway with the Royal Marine specialists.
The USMC were developing their cold weather warfare capability and required protected mobility that can thrive in the harsh arctic conditions; Viking is the vehicle of choice. Capable of traversing undulating deep snow, steep slopes and swimming in water, the ATV can also be mounted with a Heavy Machine Gun and has organic white phosphorous smoke. This makes it a formidable but manoeuvrable platform. With the ability to transport 10 fighting troops and 2 crew per vehicle, the tracked vehicles can deliver men to the battlefield fit to fight.
Viking Armoured Vehicles provide protected battlefield mobility for the Royal Marines of 3 Commando Brigade. Designed for amphibious operations they have the ability to swim when required, either to land troops ashore, or to cross obstacles like rivers and lakes.
The Viking has the ability to move rapidly across the majority of terrain to outmanoeuvre the enemy.
Although the primary role of the Viking is in protected mobility for the Royal Marines, it is also often used in battlefield reconnaissance, fire support and as a command platform