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November Featured 2009 Image


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Royal Navy Sea King Helicopters in Afghanistan Featured 2009 Image

Royal Navy Sea King Helicopters in Afghanistan

Two Royal Navy Sea Kings at Forward Operating Base Sangin in Afghanistan.
The Sea King Mk4 known throughout the Naval world as the Junglie are the green giants of the Fleet Air Arm. Wherever Royal Marines go in the world, they are accompanied by the venerable Sea Kings of the Commando Helicopter Force, based at RNAS Yeovilton in Somerset. It not merely ferries the green berets into action, but also delivers their supplies and also field guns or Land Rovers if needed.
The Junglies have seen action most recently in Iraq they were instrumental in the opening hours of the 2003 war with Saddam Hussein by landing Royal Marines on the Al Faw peninsula. Recent years have seen the two front-line Mk4 squadrons 845 and 846 Naval Air Squadrons committed around the clock in Afghanistan supporting the mission of all Allied forces there.
The Sea King was upgraded for its mission in Helmand to the Mk4+. It featured improved rotor blades to cope with the challenging environment, defensive aids and decoys to fend off enemy attack, night vision goggles to allow the crew to fly at all times and in all weather conditions.
The Mk4 owes its nickname not to its distinctive jungle-green livery but the historical role Commando helicopter squadrons performed in Borneo in the 1960s

A Seaking Helicopter from the Commando Helicopter Force Featured 2009 Image

A Seaking Helicopter from the Commando Helicopter Force

A Royal Navy Seaking helicopter of the Commando Helicopter Force (CHF) is pictured on exercise in the mountains of southern Germany.
The Commando Helicopter Force enjoys a reputation for high standards of professionalism and flexibility and this is, in no small part, attributable to the exacting and thorough instruction provided by 848 Naval Air Squadron (NAS), or the Jungly Training Academy as it is colloquially known.
Based at the Royal Naval Air Station (RNAS) Yeovilton the Squadron has a complement of one hundred ratings and thirty officers, the Squadron is responsible for the instruction of up to fifty pilots and aircrewmen each year. Operating the Sea King Mk 4, pilots undertake and Aircraft Conversion Phase that includes handling the aircraft in various emergencies and how to fly with sole reference to instruments - before crewing up with the aircrewmen, taken from Royal Navy Ratings and Royal Marines, to learn how to operate the aircraft in a tactical environment during the Conversion Phase.
The Squadron also trains more than one hundred and fifty helicopter maintainers annually before sending them to the front line. Aircrew and maintainers receive military and amphibious training and individuals are also taught how to operate in the field and from the deck of a ship. 848 NAS is also committed to numerous UK maritime operations and airborne support for the Royal Marines.
To ensure aircrew are fully prepared for future operations in Afghanistan, where their Front Line sister Squadrons 845 and 846 NAS are currently deployed, it essential the students are primed for the mountainous and high altitude environment, which is several thousand feet above sea level. Both squadrons continue to conduct very successful deployments in Afghanistan, operating their Sea King Mk 4 at the edge of their flight envelope with temperatures in the summer reaching 50 degrees and a sand ridden environment that challenges both aircrew and engineers alike